A new paleontology position is open at the museum, and it looks like the job is yours!! Travel far and wide looking for fossils of well-known specimens found in Patagonian soil. Be careful, we need them in one piece at the museum!

How to play:

In the Overworld:

  • Use the truck to travel across excavations.
  •  Use the geological chart to locate the dig sites for each era.
  • Press enter to access a level.

Inside a level:

  •  Pick a fossil using the left click, move it across the grid using WASD, and use using E and Q to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise respectively.
  • Rocks can be destroyed using left-click.
  •  Move all the pieces inside the back of the truck.
  • Look at the bottom of the screen to check how much time you have left and get all the pieces in the truck before nighttime. Each full bar represents 1 hour.
  • Each action takes time:
    • Moving fossils will take half an hour.
    • Big rocks will take 4 hours to break.
    • Small rocks will take 1 hour to break.

Leandrocuello  https://leandrocuello.itch.io/
Azagaya  https://azagaya.itch.io/
Webox  https://webox.itch.io/

Game design
Webox  https://webox.itch.io/

Lagartojesus https://lagartojesus.itch.io/
Webox  https://webox.itch.io/
Azagaya  https://azagaya.itch.io/

dpoten https://dpotenmusic.com/

Sound design:



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TourDeHuesosMac.zip 61 MB

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